Techniques We Use for Teeth Whitening

An excellent way to achieve a brighter smile is through teeth whitening. At Adams Dental Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, we offer a number of teeth whitening treatments to help you reach your smile goals. Take a closer look at these systems and how they can benefit you, below.

Take Home Tray

A great utility of take home trays is their ease of use at home. You can get a kit, along with instructions to use from our dentist, or you can also purchase one from any local pharmacy. Although this method does not produce immediate results, but a single session is effective enough to produce a visible change.

The teeth whitening treatments offered by our dentist at Adams Dental Center can help you achieve a pearly, white smile! To find out which system is right for you, schedule a consultation at our dental office in Lincoln, Nebraska, by calling 402-484-6666 today!